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SNAP* is hitting up the old stomping grounds for the HUGE stage to hold the $100 models contest on: Bayonne Arts Factory 280 Avenue E Bayonne NJ 07002.

MODELS! win $100!!! Summer recession got you down? Pick up some extra cash JUST for posing in our contest! And! we are also giving away a giant cuddly www.squishable.com stuffed animal to the model I see on the free stations the most! (value $50)

20+ Featured Models & 3 awesome collaborative photographers taking pictures all night. Have your friends bring their cameras and take pictures of you on our THREE FREE open stations.

NEW? If you’re new to this whole SNAP* party and want to come and pose... we will have experienced models walking around who will show you how much fun it is!

FREE STUFF! We’re giving out FREE MAKEUP all night long to anyone I see posing on the stations! Anyone can jump on our seamless background paper and get remarkable portfolio shots ALL NIGHT LONG!

PROMOTIONAL: If you have a portfolio, business cards or promotional items BRING THEM! Pass them around, set up shooting times, test shoot on our free sets and get noticed!

VISUAL: We also have some fantastic stage acts going on as well! Including the Zoolander Male Model Walk Off! Win some manly t-shirts from WD Syndicate!

AUDIO: DJ Mighty Mike Saga bringing in the mixes of top pop, dance, 80s, trip hop and electronic!

WHAT TO WEAR: 1 outfit to pose in! and have your hair/makeup ready!

GETTING PICTURES BACK: Photographers upload their images for sharing to www.snapmup.com Everyone then gets to comment on how awesome each other did! Models can also save the images for their portfolios and contact the photogs directly to get print ready files.

The attendance list is HUGE! We have some great names coming through the door, so stop by to MEET, MINGLE, TAKE PICTURES, SHOW OFF YOUR PORTFOLIO DANCE (lady gaga) woo woo, PARTY and GRAB SOME DRINKS at the FULL Bar!
Come check out all the action at SNAP*
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